Week 9a: sex in nature – when weird is normal

So far in this blog, we've covered a lot of different topics--defining sex and gender, different types of hermaphroditism, transgenderism, and more. We've covered a lot of ground. But sex and gender are absolutely enormous topics, and we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg. For Week 9, I dove into a folder of papers … Continue reading Week 9a: sex in nature – when weird is normal


Week 08: Homosexuality in Nature

Have you ever wondered if, how, or why animals engage in homosexual (same sex) behavior? In nature, homosexual, or same-sex sexual behavior, can take many forms. Two common homosexual behaviors include courting and mounting. Courtship includes any behavior used to attract a mate and can involve ornate displays and posturing, while mounting is the actual … Continue reading Week 08: Homosexuality in Nature