Purpose of this blog:

This website is being made by a group of graduate students and professors at UC Davis that are part of reading seminar called ‘Gender and Sexuality in Nature’

The purpose of the website is to present topics on gender and sexuality in nature (i.e. non-human organisms) in a manner that is accessible to all people, and not just scientists!

Course description:

ECL 290: Gender and Sexuality in Nature

In this seminar, we will take a biological approach to explore the diversity of gender and sexuality in nature, with a focus on plants, animals (excluding humans), and fungi.

We will ask questions such as: What is the difference between biological sex and gender? Does a species need to have multiple sexes to have multiple genders? For sexual species, how is sex determined for an individual? Is it possible for an organism to change sex or gender multiple times throughout its life? How has evolution shaped the diverse sexual reproduction strategies across organisms?

Each class we will discuss readings from the primary literature, and also explore useful teaching and outreach strategies related to the material. Graduate students taking the course are required to lead (or co-lead) one discussion, as well as create one post for the course blog.


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